Psycho-Organic Analysis

Psycho Organic Analysis (POA), one of psychotherapy methods that formed during the second half of the 20th century, was created by combining specific aspects of psychotherapy with elements of body-oriented psychotherapy.

POA examines the person in an inseparable interaction of body and psyche as well as in the realm of relations Me-You, Me-World-Law.

The goal of POA is to make the person accept him-/herself as he/she is and then change him-/herself within the limits of possibility as far as he/she wants and is able to. It is important to acknowledge one’s deepest desires and needs and express them according to actual inner and outer possibilities.

POA has developed its theory and methodology that has been recognised by the European Association of Psychotherapy.

Original Concepts of Psycho Organic Analysis:

  • psycho organic circle as an instrument of diagnostics;
  • primary impulse which allows to understand the person’s deepest desires and needs;
  • five steps towards reality, „theory of birth”, i.e. there is a new moment born every moment;
  • „body” of words – each word can be felt physically, bodily;
  • sensology – work with the person’s individual philosophy of life;
  • „three forms” which examine the person’s relationship with him-/herself, with the other person and society.

POA offers a wide range of methods: verbalization, work with the body and imagination and examination of psychotherapeutic relationships. The person has a chance to realise his/her deepest desires and needs, understand his/her behaviour and relationship with other people, integrate painful moments from the past, become aware of his/her place in family history and society by combining specific situations, emotions arising from them and their manifestation in an undivided, respectful personal history.

It is easier to have a grasp of POA practice by keeping in mind four main directions. Based on the particular client’s needs and psychotherapeutic experience, the psychotherapeutic process will take one or more directions as shown below.

Psycho Organic Analysis strives to find the healthy nucleus in every client and leans on it during therapy, thus balancing out the bothersome aspects of personality.